Gender equality index

PINET gender equality index


Since 2019, in France, companies with more than 50 employees have been invited to measure their performance in terms of professional equality and to publish the results of their "Gender equality index" on their website.

In accordance with legal provisions, this index of gender equality corresponds to the sum of the result obtained by the company for each of the following 4 indicators:

  • the wage gap between women and men,
  • the difference in the rate of individual increases,
  • the percentage of employees who benefited from an increase in the year of returning from maternity leave,
  • the number of employees of the under-represented sex among the ten employees who received the highest salaries.

For the year 2021, the index of professional equality between women and men of PINET INDUSTRIE is 87/100.

PINET gender equality index


Stainless steel invisible hinges

New stainless steel concealed hinges

To complete the steel range of our concealed hinges, discover our new stainless steel invisible hinges with a 90° opening. This new products has better corrosion resistance and full access to the interior of the equipment.

Hinges with or without friction - torque 4.5 N.m

Hinges with or without friction - torque 4.5 N.m

Two new hinges with or without friction - torque 4,5 N.m. They are in full stainless steel, to enable a good corrosion resistance.

InnoTrans 2022  from September 20 to 23

InnoTrans 2022 from September 20 to 23

Come and see PINET Industrie at InnoTrans Berlin , the biggest international trade fair for transport engineering.