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The PINET Industrie handle range is created for industrial applications. Find all our grab handles, drop handles and flush handles with a wide range of materials: stainless steel handles, steel handles, aluminum handles, zamak handles, polymer handles.

PINET Industrie grab handles - buy online

Grab handles

See our range of drop handles: front mount grap handles and rear mount grap handles. Order your handles online and get delivery within 48 / 72h.

PINET Industrie drop handles - buy online

Drop handles

PINET Industrie drop handles (free folding handles, folding handles with hold in position and spring loaded drop handles) are available online. Pinet is the specialist in hinges, locks and handles for industrial applications.

PINET Industrie flush handles - buy online

Flush handles

Buy online our flush handles: screw-on flush handles, snap-in flush handles, bolt-on flush handles.


Products - Buy online : Handles

PINET Industrie also offers handles for industrial applications. In our handle range, find all our pull handles, our folding handles, and our recessed handles. A wide choice of handles is available in several materials: stainless steel handles, steel handles, aluminium handles, plated handles, polymer handles. We offer easy-to-install handles for quick clip-on mounting as well as front-fastening handles or back-attachment handles. In addition to the range of PINET Industrie handles, DIRAK offers a wide range of pull handles.