PINET Industrie

PINET Industrie

PINET INDUSTRIE, 175 years of know-how

PINET INDUSTRIE has been manufacturing products for various industrial applications for the past six generations and has established itself as a leading European firm, investing in processes and technologies that currently enable it to manufacture over 2,000 standard and custom-made hinge and lock products.

With alsmost 100 years’ experience under its belt in the manufacture of hinges, PINET INDUSTRIE boasts a unique field of expertise that enables it to meet its customers’ requirements with regards to quality, lead times and indeed cost. With the emphasis very much on its manufacturing quality, PINET INDUSTRIE has established a modern production facility that enables it to produce series of all sizes. Its integrated tooling workshop enables it to independently design and create plant equipment whilst safeguarding its expertise.

PINET INDUSTRIE has always been committed to a constant search for quality and excellence, basing its values on its continuous quest for progress.

  • When the company began manufacturing musical instrument components in 1840, the need to achieve specific and precise sounds meant that production facilities had to be tightly controlled.
  • Over the past 30 years, the company has adopted a pro-active policy that has enabled it to implement a quality management system resulting in our clients obtaining various certifications, as well as ISO 9001 certification.