Concealed hinges for nested doors only

Concealed hinge - 3-D adjustable - 180° opening

3-D adjustable (heigt, width, depth) without removing the door.
Height adjustment: -3.0 / +3.0 mm.
Width adjustment: -3.0 / +4.0 mm.
Depth adjustment (pressure): -1.5 / +1.5 mm.
Universal: for left- and right-sided doors.
Can be installed in the frame and adjusted by just one person.
No visible screws.
Washers in POM.
Door thickness: min. 40 mm.
Door weight (for 2 hinges): up to 120 kg. (Door size: max. 830 x 2015 mm).
Door weight (for 3 hinges): up to 150 kg. (Door size: max. 830 x 2015 mm).

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Charnière invisible réglable en 3D - ouverture 180°