Soft-close dampening hinges

Soft-close dampening hinges in aluminium

- Soft-close dampening hinge: soft-close damper keeps lid from slamming shut when
the hinge is moved.
- Damper working direction: shown by the arrow in the drawing.
- Operating angle: 115°.
- If the opening angle is wider than 115° (+/- 5°), mechanism is broken and damper doesn't work any longer.
- Do not force the door to close faster in damper effective direction. It can cause damage to the product.
- When the door opening angle is small, the dampers may not work smoothly.
- Torque moment (for one hinge): 2.5 to 4.5 N.m.
- Torque calculation:
Torque (N.m) = L (m) x 1/2 x W (kg) x 9.8 with:
• L = door height in metre.
• W = door weight in kilo.
- Operating temperature: 0 to +40°C.
- Soft close of a door (vertical application): door closing system.
Put together with a spring hinge with same dimension (72-1-4231 or 72-1-4232), an automatic soft close of a door is possible without any other component.
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