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  • A

    ABS : plastic material
    Aluminium : metallic material
    Anodised : aluminium surface treatment (finish and protection)
  • B

    Bearing thrust ball : ease rotation with heavy load
    Bistable : with 2 stables positions
    Bolt : end of the latch
    Brass : metallic material
    Brass plated : steel surface treatment (finish and protection)
    Brushed : surface finish
  • C

    Cambered : with bending
    Cataphoresis : surface treatment (finish and protection)
    Center line : distance between holes
    Chrome plated : surface treatment (finish)
    Clear zinc plated : surface treatment (protection)
    Concealed hinge : hidden from the outside, imposes design constraints
    Countersunk : for countersunk screws
  • D

    Deburred : removal of burrs made during cutting or machining
    Double leaf : stronger than single leaf
  • E

    Electro zinc : surface treatment (protection)
    Epoxy : protective coating
  • F

    Finish : surface treatment (aspect)
    Front fixing : screws are fitted from the frontscrews are fitted from the front
  • G

    Galvanised : surface treatment (protection)
  • H

    Hinge : non lift-off articulation
    Hinge with stop : stop limits the rotation angle
  • I

    Indented : holds the pin (non removable)
  • K

    Knurled pin : holds in place
  • L

    Leaf : one side of an hinge, lit-off hinge
    Lift-off hinge : lift-off articulation
    Lift-off hinge (butt) : lift-off articulation
  • N

    Nickel plated : steel surface treatment (finish and protection)
  • P

    PA (polyamide) : plastic material
    Padlockable : locking with padlock (non supplied)
    Piano hinge : continous hinge, runs the entire door length
    Pin : axis
    Polished : surface treatment (finish)
    Polyacetal resin : plastic material
    Polyamide : plastic material
    Polycarbonate : plastic material
    Polyéthylène : plastic material
    Polypropylène : plastic material
    Pressed : process
    Profile hinge : made from profile cut to length
    PVC : plastic material
  • R

    Raw : no surface treatment
    Rear fixing : screws are fitted from the back
    Riveted pin : holds in place (non removable)
    Rolled knuckle : process
  • S

    Satin finish : surface finish
    Scouring : removes dirt
    Shiny : finish
    Spring hinge : spring closes or opens the hinge
    Stainless steel : metallic material
    Stamped : shaping process gives exact form
    Stamped pin : holds in place
    Steel : metallic material
    Strippable : hand dismounting without tool
  • T

    Torque hinge : friction holds the opening without any accessory
  • Y

    Yellow zinc plated : to be replaced (for RoHS compliance)
  • Z

    Zinc diecast : zinc and aluminium based material
    Zinc plated : surface treatment (protection)