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Two production sites and one storage centre for hinges and locks

PINET owns :
  • 2 production sites: one in France and one in Tunisia.
  • 1 logistics platform next to the French factory.
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Photo (c) Adrien Levinger

The Chaulnes Factory

Built in 1996 (and enlarged twice) the 8,000 m² factory in Chaulnes in the Picardy region is equipped with a complete fleet of high-tech machinery.
This state-of-the-art equipment combined with the workers' technical skills ensures the quality production of hinges and locks for industrial applications.


The Workshop in Tunisia

PINET Industrie company is based in Sousse, Tunisia, a city located 120 km south of Tunis.

This 2,000 m² workshop allows PINET Industrie to manufacture hinges and locks that require a significant portion of labour in the manufacturing process.
Very demanding on the quality of its Hinges and locking devices, PINET Industrie has implemented a quality approach that allows manufacturing to be monitored and controlled in Tunisia.


To manufacture standard and bespoke hinges and locks, we are equipped with a complete fleet of high-tech machinery made up of:
  • 0
    Automatic and manual presses (up to 420 T)
  • 0
    CNC machining centers
  • 0
    Machines specifically designed for the manufacture of hinges
  • 0
    CNC laser cutting machines
  • 0
    Welding machine
  • 0
    Autonomous equipment workshop

A logistics platform

Pinet has set up a logistics platform next to its Chaulnes factory in Picardy to meet clients' needs as efficiently as possible. Indeed, Picardy is the ideal region, close to highways, to quickly deliver hinges and locks throughout Europe.

Optimising logistics flows

Built in 2009, the Pinet logistics platform covers 4,500 m². This platform uses the latest stock management technologies in order to optimise deadlines, cost reduction and ergonomics, thereby enhancing client satisfaction by improving the quality of service.

To ensure the timeliness of flows, Pinet is always working on optimising the supply chain, notably with the integration of the following features:

1. Integration with ERP (Sage Adonix)

2. Installation of a WMS (Warehouse Management System)

3. Validation of inventory movements by means of a WIFI system

4.  Use of vertical storage systems

5. Warehouse flow optimisation.

Supply chain

From customer need to the product shipment.
flux de production

Customer request


Design office


Aluminium profile for machining center


Metal coils for automatic press


Sheet metal for Laser cutting machine


Manual operations

- Pre-rolling and Rolling,
- Cranking (bending),
- Welding,
- Assembly.


Product finishing

- Deburring,
- Degreasing,
- Surface treatment.




Logistics Platform




Integrated workshop