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Innovation: Aluminium hinges with anodised colouring

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PINET INDUSTRIE is innovating by offering colour hinges.
Colour is available thanks to a finish on our aluminium hinges with coloured anodizing.
Blue, red, gold or bronze are the 4 proposed colours.
Aluminium hinges which can have this colour finish are the following:
  1. The long FinAlu® hinges and the short FinAlu® hinges from PINET INDUSTRIE
These are long or short aluminium profile hinges with a small pin diameter.
These 2 models of aluminium hinge include an elegant design which allows them to be used in many applications (medical, electronic enclosures, food equipment, transportation...).
The long FinAlu® hinges have identical dimensions to the hinges used in the aeronautical sector.
From now on, these FinAlu® hinges (long and short) are proposed with versions where the anodised finish can be coloured : blue, red, gold or bronze.
Choose the FinAlu® hinge colour that best suits your application.
  1. Aluminium profile hinges (65 x 55 mm) by PINET INDUSTRIE
These intermediate sized aluminium hinges (65 x 55 mm) exist in many variations: with adjustable friction, opening spring, or free swinging.
  • Friction hinges allow you to maintain the opening at a specific position.
    Friction couple of these hinges can be adjusted with an Allen key.
  • Spring hinges are available in 3 different torques (0.35 N.m, 0.70 N.m or 1.3 N.m)
  • Free swinging hinges have the same dimensions (65 x 55 mm) and aspect as friction or opening spring hinges. They can be used additionally to these hinges.
These different types of aluminium profile hinge (65 x 55 mm) are now available with colour anodizing: Bronze, gold, red or blue.
Which of these colours will you choose ?
Our sales department is at your disposal to exchange with you about your needs and establish a quotation.