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Railway industry

Our hinges and latching systems for the rail industry.

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Hinges and locks realisations for Railway industry

Railway and PINET Industrie

The passenger and goods transport industry (urban, suburban, regional, international and mainlines transport)

Demand is high for hinges and latching systems in this industry. The products must predominantly be made from stainless steel and they are often specifically developed for each project.

Products examples

> Exterior applications
•    hinge for tramway apron
•    Hinge for train apron

> Interior applications
•    Hinge for underground seats
•    Hinge for folding trays
•    Friction hinges for headrests

Case Study

Railway industry

Bespoke cartridge to articulate tray of train seats (TGV)

A French leading manufacturer of seats for the railway industry had to develop a mechanism to articulate and automatically maintain a tray in the raised position with a dampened opening.

PINET Industrie proposed a bespoke cartridge with detent function.

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From SMEs to major acccounts, PINET INDUSTRIE meets the needs of various prime contractors for the design and manufacture of hinges and lock devices, in standard or custom manufacturing.

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