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Medical equipment, clean room and agri-food industry

Discover our hinges and locks, standard or custom-made, for the medical equipment, clean-room and agri-food industry.

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Hinges and locks, standard or custom-made, for the medical equipment, clean-room and agri-food industry.

Medical equipment, clean room and agri food industry.

The medical and agri-food industry impose special constraints. PINET is able to adapt its hinges and locks to these strict hygiene standards, and developed hinges with functions: spring, dampening, detent and friction. They open alone or close the hood autonomously. Thus the operator’s hands are free.

Pinet offers a wide selection of stainless steel and aluminium hinges and latches compatible with these standards.

Products examples

  • Hinges with dual function in aluminium profile

  • Stainless steel hinges and locking devices

Case Study

Medical equipment

Two models of hinges with dual function to open the cover of a blood sample centrifuge

One of our customers specialised in the design and manufacture of industrial centrifuges contacted us for the automatic, soft and dampened opening of the covers of their new models.

PINET INDUSTRIE proposed the combination of two aluminium profile hinges with complementary functions: spring and dampening.

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Our satisfied customers

Un grand nombre d’industriels et de donneurs d’ordres dans divers secteurs d’activités font appel à PINET pour la conception et la fabrications de charnières et verrouillages standard ou sur mesure.

Vous voyez nos produits tous les jours, dans les commerces, les parkings, les gares, les trains, les avions, sans même vous en rendre compte …

Des références multi-sectorielles incluant des sociétés internationales en sont la preuve.

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