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Aircraft industry

Our hinges and locks for the aviation industry: aircraft interior design.

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Our hinges and locks for the aircraft interior design.

Aviation industry

The aircraft industry needs all kinds of hinges and locking devices for interior design. For an airline company, passenger comfort is an essential strategy. In the cabin,  seats,  doors,  sanitary, are all elements that must have reliable parts, quality, and robust in the duration of use.

Pinet has been supplying Airbus OEMs for many years. So Pinet hinges and latching systems take off several times a day, around the globe, on A320, A350 and A380.

Products examples

> Continuous springloaded hinge on armcap for folding tray table

  • Based on FinAlu® products with the same dimension as aircraft specifications.
  • Springloaded hinge with 3 leaves
  • No play / specific design

> Hinge on the lid of seat (for maintenance operation only)

  • Based on FinAlu® range. Drilled, chamfered, pin retention hinge

> Hinge (lift-off) and locking system to open the emergency slide

  • Custom designed part
  • Springloaded latch

> Friction hinge for armrest

  • Positioning hinge (friction hinge up to 1 Nm)
  • Custom made part (shear to width)

> Detent hinge to maintain in position seat headrest

  • Custom made part (based on standard product)
  • Positioning hinge (detent torque 2.5 N.m)
  • Tested over > 30 000 cycles

Case Study

Aircraft industry

Aluminium continuous hinges (FinAlu ®) for aircraft interior furnishings

Airbus’ subcontractor equipment manufacturer that manufactures cabin seats and furnishings contacted PINET Industrie to design solid and above all lightweight hinges!

PINET Industrie supplied hinges from the FinAlu® range made of aluminium, which are both very compact (guaranteed strength) and lightweight.

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Our satisfied customers

Un grand nombre d’industriels et de donneurs d’ordres dans divers secteurs d’activités font appel à PINET pour la conception et la fabrications de charnières et verrouillages standard ou sur mesure.

Vous voyez nos produits tous les jours, dans les commerces, les parkings, les gares, les trains, les avions, sans même vous en rendre compte …

Des références multi-sectorielles incluant des sociétés internationales en sont la preuve.

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