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Two models of hinges with dual function to open the cover of a blood sample centrifuge

Medical equipment

One of our customers specialised in the design and manufacture of industrial centrifuges contacted us for the automatic, soft and dampened opening of the covers of their new models.
The references used are two hinges with specific functions from our standard catalogue. Three aluminium profile hinges with a spring (reference: 72-1-4231) and an aluminium hinge with integrated dampening (reference: 75-1-0004). The combination of these two types of hinges makes it possible to obtain a smooth opening on the centrifuge containing test tubes.
When the cover is unlocked, the user has access to the tubes without having to touch the cover.
The result of this combination of products allows a dampened, automatic opening.
Technical characteristics:
- Combination of two functions: torsion spring and hydraulic damping.
Customer benefits:
- No contact with the appliance thanks to the automatic opening dampened by the hinges.
Our customer has patented this centrifuge with our PINET Industrie spring and dampening hinges.