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Charging terminal flap for electric vehicles, attached with a PINET stainless steel concealed hinge

Vending machines and interactive terminals

This long-standing customer in the field of terminals and access flaps contacted us for a new project.
They needed concealed hinges to attach a charging terminal access flap for electric vehicles.
A standard hinge met their needs with regard to the dimensions and the type of joint desired. However, as the customer’s application was by the sea, a corrosion-resistant hinge was required.
Our Design Office therefore proposed a variation of the concealed hinge from the catalogue, but with a modification of the material. Our engineers opted for 316L stainless steel, which is known for its salt spray resistance.
Technical characteristics:
- The hinge is concealed when the flap is closed.
- Hinges made from a corrosion-resistant material (316L stainless steel).
Customer benefits:
- Integration of the hinge into the existing design.
- Reduced design time and cost as the proposed concealed hinge is similar to the standard version.