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Bespoke rolled knuckle hinge for agricultural tractors

Construction plant and agricultural machinery

A major global manufacturer of agricultural tractors, an existing customer for many years, has renewed its confidence in PINET Industrie for its new generation GPL cabin (Global Product Line) fitted on the new high performance machines sold mainly in CASE and NEW HOLLAND brands, as well as other machines of the CNH group.

The specification was particularly restrictive:
  • Compliance with the geometry of the part with reduced tolerances. The natural bulging of the rolled knuckle sides imposes a geometric correction carried out by "settling" for flatness and parallelism necessary for the contact surfaces.
  • Cutting heavy gauge sheet metal thickness (6 mm) instead of the original machined and welded elements.
  • Reliable deliveries.

PINET Industrie having the required industrial capacity to treat such a request could win this new market with the technical process knowledge of cold rolled knuckle which offers a better cost than other technical solutions. In addition PINET Industrie has brought their experience to CNH for selecting the metal-polymer PTFE-based plain bearing (delivered) having better characteristics than the originally selected bearing.

Benefits for the customer:
  • Confidence in the specifications and controlled costs.
  • Realiable supply of tractors in a highly competitive market.

Benefits for PINET Industrie:
  • Increased presence in the area of agricultural machinery.
  • A stronger partnership with the CNH group, a major player in the sector.
  • Raw steel 6.0 mm thick
  • Upper hinge weight: 210 g
  • Lower hinge weight: 300 g
Fixing and mounting:
  • The hinges are welded to the tube structure of the cabin.
  • The hinges 50-2-4094 and 50-2-4095 are placed in the bottom left and right.
  • The hinges 50-2-4096 and 50-2-4097 are placed in the top left and right.
The door glass is set on a cast iron support (not supplied by Pinet). The support is then mounted on the 2 welded hinges. The metal-polymer plain bearings housed in the hinges provide a rotation of the door without any play or noise despite the harsh conditions of use.