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Bespoke cartridge to articulate tray of train seats (TGV)

Railway industry

A French leading manufacturer of seats for the railway industry had to develop a mechanism to articulate and automatically maintain a tray in the raised position with a dampened opening for 1st and 2nd class passengers. The application was for the French TGV 3G.

The specification was particularly restrictive:

  • Reduced available volume.
  • Important number of cycles (30,000 opening / closing cycles).
  • Silent in operation.
  • No maintenance service.

PINET Industrie having the required industrial capacity to treat such a request could win this new market and strengthen its presence in a rapid growth sector by proposing a solution that combines compactness and performance at the lowest cost.

Benefits for the customer:

  • One compact set "ready to fit"
  • Respect of specification and innovation
  • Update of its range of seats

Benefits for PINET Industrie:

  • Creation of a new innovative product
  • Strengthening its presence in the railway sector in full development
  • Capitalisation of experience for future requests
  • Housing, piston and head : sinter steel with heat treatment
  • Screw and nut adjustment: 8.8 grade steel
  • Spring washers: spring steel
  • Anti-squeak washer: zinc plated steel with Teflon coating
  • Weight: 80 g
Fixing and mounting:
  • The cartridge housing is inserted in the tray aluminium profile.
  • The head is housed in a recess in the tray support.

Maintenance and setting:
The cartridge is delivered pre-set and requires no maintenance or adjustment in operation.