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Aluminium continuous hinges (FinAlu ®) for aircraft interior furnishings

Aircraft industry

Airbus’ subcontractor equipment manufacturer that manufactures cabin seats and furnishings contacted PINET Industrie to design solid and above all lightweight hinges! PINET Industrie supplied hinges from the FinAlu® range made of aluminium, which are both very compact (guaranteed strength) and lightweight.
Technical characteristics:

  • Patented FinAlu® hinges.
  • FinAlu® continuous hinges are one of the new standard products in the PINET Industrie catalogue.
  • The small pin diameter of these aluminium continuous hinges makes them compact with an elegant design.
  • The stainless steel pin is robust and corrosion-resistant.
  • Their light weight, mechanical strength and aesthetic design make them compatible with many visible applications.
  • FinAlu® hinges are suitable for the aviation industry; their dimensions are identical to those used in this industry, but their cost is considerably reduced.
  • Six models of three different widths are available in two finishes: raw and anodised.
  • They are sold as standard, but can be modified on request: drill holes, addition of springs.

Customer benefits:

- Economic, robust and especially light hinge.
- This customer has placed their trust in us for many years.