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Industrial vehicules and coaches

A rolled knuckle hinge with two cranked leaves to attach a lorry sleeper berth

An OEM and subcontractor in the heavy vehicle industry needed to develop a more manageable system to attach the new sleeper berth model, used in the cabin of one of its customers’ lorries.

PINET Industrie developed a custom hinge, a rolled knuckle hinge with two cranked leaves.
Railway industry

Bespoke cartridge to articulate tray of train seats (TGV)

A French leading manufacturer of seats for the railway industry had to develop a mechanism to articulate and automatically maintain a tray in the raised position with a dampened opening.

PINET Industrie proposed a bespoke cartridge with detent function.
Aircraft industry

Aluminium continuous hinges (FinAlu ®) for aircraft interior furnishings

Airbus’ subcontractor equipment manufacturer that manufactures cabin seats and furnishings contacted PINET Industrie to design solid and above all lightweight hinges!

PINET Industrie supplied hinges from the FinAlu® range made of aluminium, which are both very compact (guaranteed strength) and lightweight.
Switchgear and telecom racks

A standard rolled knuckle hinge to attach the doors of outdoor electrical cabinets

Our customer, an ERDF (French Network Electricity Distribution ) approved manufacturer and supplier of metal equipment for electrical transformer stations, asked us to offer them a simple, robust and inexpensive hinge for the doors of their new electrical cabinets.

PINET INDUSTRIE proposed a standard hinge from the catalogue made of galvanised steel with riveted pin.
Vending machines and interactive terminals

Charging terminal flap for electric vehicles, attached with a PINET stainless steel concealed hinge

This long-standing customer in the field of terminals and access flaps contacted us for a new project.
They needed concealed hinges to attach a charging terminal access flap for electric vehicles.

PINET Industrie proposed a concealed hinge from the standard catalogue with a custom adaptation of the material: 316L stainless steel.