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Custom-made hinges and locking devices

To best serve your specific projects, the custom-made activity is divided into two branches:
- Design and manufacture according to your specifications.
- Manufacturing according to your technical drawings.

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Custom manufacturing of hinges and locks

The bespoke activity designed in two skills:

  • In accordance with your brief
Based on the study of your needs and technical, functional and aesthetic constraints, our design office draws up your plans, makes your models, designs your prototypes before manufacturing extremely varied bespoke hinges and locks in small or large series.
  • In accordance with your drawings
Based on the information you provide, our design office will help you carry out your custom-made hinge and lock projects with reactivity and at the best price. Leaning on its unique expertise, particularly in the creation of products with a strong thickness, the design office provides advice to optimise your plans to achieve your functional and budgetary objectives.

1/ Your specifications or your plans
2/ 3D CAD collaborative design
3/ Creation of models and prototypes
4/ Laboratory test: endurance, resistance etc.
5/ Series Manufacturing

Collaborative design

The PINET design office makes it possible to offer competitive and exclusive solutions based on client brief. Our aim is to work in conjuction with the client to create the best possible design.

Beyond the hinges and locks available in our catalogue, we are able to design and manufacture special customized parts, perfectly adapted, modified, improved, in accordance with your technical plans or your specifications.

  • Our capabilities for hinges and locking devices custom design: The PINET design office is equipped with 3D CAD stations (SolidWorks), 3D printer, in-house tooling workshop, test laboratories. We can offer you 3D printed models in order to quickly realize the designs from our design office and to appreciate the volumes and kinematics of the products. We can also make “good materials” prototypes close to the final version. These prototypes can be tested in our integrated laboratory: tensile tests to measure resistance, cycle tests and temperature tests.
  • The client advantages: all these equipments make it possible to reduce the product development cycles and to rapidity launch innovative hinges and locks on the market.
  • All types of client specifications are taken into consideration to respond to the demands of the market: Searching for specific functionality: holding in position, dampening effect, adding spring, etc.

Case studies

Industrial vehicules and coaches

A rolled knuckle hinge with two cranked leaves to attach a lorry sleeper berth

An OEM and subcontractor in the heavy vehicle industry needed to develop a more manageable system to attach the new sleeper berth model, used in the cabin of one of its customers’ lorries.

PINET Industrie developed a custom hinge, a rolled knuckle hinge with two cranked leaves.
Railway industry

Bespoke cartridge to articulate tray of train seats (TGV)

A French leading manufacturer of seats for the railway industry had to develop a mechanism to articulate and automatically maintain a tray in the raised position with a dampened opening.

PINET Industrie proposed a bespoke cartridge with detent function.
Aircraft industry

Aluminium continuous hinges (FinAlu ®) for aircraft interior furnishings

Airbus’ subcontractor equipment manufacturer that manufactures cabin seats and furnishings contacted PINET Industrie to design solid and above all lightweight hinges!

PINET Industrie supplied hinges from the FinAlu® range made of aluminium, which are both very compact (guaranteed strength) and lightweight.
Switchgear and telecom racks

A standard rolled knuckle hinge to attach the doors of outdoor electrical cabinets

Our customer, an ERDF (French Network Electricity Distribution ) approved manufacturer and supplier of metal equipment for electrical transformer stations, asked us to offer them a simple, robust and inexpensive hinge for the doors of their new electrical cabinets.

PINET INDUSTRIE proposed a standard hinge from the catalogue made of galvanised steel with riveted pin.
Medical equipment

Two models of hinges with dual function to open the cover of a blood sample centrifuge

One of our customers specialised in the design and manufacture of industrial centrifuges contacted us for the automatic, soft and dampened opening of the covers of their new models.

PINET INDUSTRIE proposed the combination of two aluminium profile hinges with complementary functions: spring and dampening.

Product Design Office

Made up of engineers and technicians, the Pinet Product Design Office studies the design of all your custom-made hinges and latching systems by taking your needs, as well as technical, functional and financial constraints into account.

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Engineering Design Office

From the design to the manufacturing of your hinges and locking devices for industrial applications, our team of engineers and technicians put their industrial engineering expertise at your disposal.

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Our satisfied customers

A large number of industrial companies and contractors in various sectors of activity work with PINET for the design and manufacture of standard or bespoke hinges and locks.

You see our products every day, in shops, car park, train stations, trains, planes, without even realizing it…

Multi-sector references including international companies are proof of just that.

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